ONIT Staffing LLC is committed to providing the best staffing services in the Automotive Electronics Engineering industry. Our main goal is connecting Automotive OEM and Supplier Employers and Electronic Engineers efficiently while always exceeding customer expectations. We strive to go the extra mile, under any circumstance, to all customers every time.


Customer satisfaction is our number one goal at ONIT Staffing LLC. We strive to exceed your expectations whether you are searching for a position or a perfect employee. We are constantly looking for new and exciting ways to offer the best service in the industry to our existing and potential customers. Our site AutoEngineerJobs.com is a testament to our commitment to exceptional service and innovation in the automotive electronics industry.


Anna Gabara, CEO and President, founded ONIT Staffing LLC as a way to combine her passion for helping other electronic automotive engineers find new career opportunities and connect industry hiring managers with talent. At first, in 2009, the staffing services were volunteer work performed by ONIT Consulting LLC engineering team members. As the demand for talent and opportunity continued to grow each year, ONIT Staffing LLC was eventually separated from ONIT Consulting LLC as its own separate entity. Today ONIT Staffing LLC works with customers globally and offers an exclusive website, AutoEngineerJobs.com, to their valued Customers to ensure their job or candidate search is the best in the industry.


ONIT Staffing LLC is an automotive electronics industry engineering recruiting and staffing firm. ONIT specializes in finding the most qualified Electrical, Computer Science and Computer Engineer Automotive candidates for their clients in a timely and efficient fashion. We do this by having actual Engineers perform the recruiting. Our Engineering Recruiters currently work or have worked in the automotive industry, each with over 10+ years of technical engineering experience and a combined industry network of over 3 million. ONIT’s website, AutoEngineerJobs.com, is a platform where Automotive Engineers can showcase themselves and connect with real industry hiring managers. Saving everyone value time and money.

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